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Catalyst Deluxe Update Coming Soon

Bug fixes, new features, and new graphics (and yes it's still free!)

Catalyst Deluxe v1.1

Projected Release Date: July 1

We've been doing alpha testing most of this past week and should be getting this update to our beta testing group later today. If you want to get into the beta testing and help us out, sign up in the forums and send me a private message.


  • Added 3 card decks - Anirah, Math, and Lost Luggage
  • Added 7 new card backs
  • Added 3 new background images
  • High Scores will now keep track of the number of columns you started and ended the game with


  • Updated SDL Window Manager to version 1.1, including a few minor fixes and features
  • Fixed issue with the Okay and Cancel buttons on the Options screen not always accepting mouse clicks
  • Replaced stock random number generator with a much better one
  • Added effect to fade sidebar when menu is open, a subtle ploy to focus player's attention on the open window
  • Using the X window close button now functions properly
  • Replaced standard exe icon in game window with Catalyst icon
  • Updated localization code to use culture specific number formatting
  • Added 1280x720 resolution (aka 720p) because I wanted to use it for testing on the Mac Mini plugged into Paul's TV
  • Revamped all previous card decks to improve graphical alignment while also reducing file size