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Deep In The SEO Trenches

While I'm quite aware that I'm supposed to be working on Fireteam Zulu and at least three other projects (including our next game), I've been stuck in SEO land. That's Search Engine Optimization, for the non-web programmers out there. I've always concentrated on making a good looking site that functions well. Basically, I've created web pages and sites for people. But in doing so, I've neglected our robotic overlords. So now, tired of all the SEO companies who email me every day (and having this strange need to do everything myself), I finally decided to do something about how robots index our websites. I dove in head-first and started tweaking the pages on our websites so that they will hopefully score higher on search engine indexing, and thus reach more people.

I won't go into depth on the changes I've been making, because, quite honestly, it's all quite boring, and it's making me hate web programming even more than usual, and I'm not entirely sure if the changes will, well, change anything. But I will mention one tool that I've been using to help me track down potential problems and analyze the results of my changes: SEO Panel

I've managed to tweak all the pages on my websites so that SEO Panel says they are scoring fairly well (or at least less poorly than they were before). But what does that mean in the real world? Time will tell, and once I've figured out more of the features in this program, and see some results, I'll put together a review of it.