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Jamie's Writing Update for April 2014

Earlier this year, I talked a little about my goal to write 2,014 words a day, every day this year. The quest continues... I did write at least that many words every day, although I didn't have any days where I got into a groove and just kept writing. In general, I've been tapering off. This daily goal has been feeling more like a burden lately. I love writing, and am still doing it, but I think I'm starting to burn out.

As we head into the summer vacation time, I suspect I'll start to skip days here and there, especially when I'm out and about somewhere. So far this year there have been 120 days, and I've written at least 2,014 words on each and every one.

How Much Did I Write?

Fewest words written:  2,021 (April 17th)
Most words written: 3,100 (April 30th)
Average words per day: 2,299 Oh, the average is plummeting
Total words written in April: 68,957
Total words this year: 342,749

What did I write?

In March, I finally started the Chronicles of Palamar, which will be a 9-book fantasy epic set in a fantasy world I've been designing since I was in elementary school. This month, I wrote the third book and most of the fourth. I will probably finish that fourth book today. So far, each book has been around 30k, which is a decent first draft for me. The fourth book is already pushing 40k. I'm really starting to think this series will be a lot bigger than what I originally intended. Not that I mind either way; the important part is telling the story.