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Jamie's Writing Update for February 2014

Earlier this year, I talked a little about my goal to write 2,014 words a day, every day this year. The quest continues, and I did stick with it for another month. For me, I think the best part is that I can delete notes once I've written the stories and scenes. I'm cleaning up so much stuff that has been piling up over the past few years, that I'm finally getting to other projects, and have even started programming again!

How Much Did I Write?

Fewest words written:  2,041 (February 6th)
Most words written: 4,703 (February 19th)
Average words per day: 2,861
Total words written in February: 80,115

Another 80,000 words, which brings my total so far this year to just over 185,000 words.

What did I write?

Pariah -- I got about halfway through the sequel before realizing that I was not actually writing the sequel, but was writing a book that happens between Pariah and its sequel. So then I wrote the sequel too, turning this into a trilogy. I jotted down some notes and now know that there's at least two more books to write, in addition to the two I wrote this past month.

Dappil fans rejoice! I wrote the first draft of a short story / novella called... Dappil Goes To Hell

I also started to write a short story for the third volume of the Terran Shift Anthology, due out at the end of this year. My first draft of that is quickly becoming a novella. Yesterday it topped 20,000 words, and the story isn't done yet.