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Jamie's Writing Update for May 2014

The first failure was inevitable

Near the end of this month, I took a trip to visit my brother in Texas, and did not write at all for five days. Yes, technically, it was a vacation. But I still feel somewhat bad about it. I wanted to write, even with my recent feelings of being burned out. I had my laptop, but I just didn't write anything. I still managed to keep my average word count above 2,014 though.

I have a few more vacations coming up, so the quest of writing every day is just not going to happen. At this point, with feelings of burning out prevalent in just about every aspect of my life, I'm shooting for half a million words. Then I'll decide whether or not to stop writing new material. As it is, editing and publishing that many words will likely take years.

How Much Did I Write?

Fewest words written:  0 (May 20 through 24)
Most words written: 3,671 (May 10th)
Average words per day: 2,041
Total words written in May: 63,283 Weakest month yet, but with five days off...
Total words this year: 406,032

What did I write?

In March, I finally started the Chronicles of Palamar, which will be a 9-book fantasy epic set in a fantasy world I've been designing since I was in elementary school. This month I finished the fourth book, wrote the fifth, and am starting the sixth.