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Jamie's Writing Update For January 2014

Earlier this month, I talked a little about my goal to write 2,014 words a day, every day this year. I have a lot of novels and short stories floating around inside my head, and even if I don't have enough time to edit and publish all of them this year, I'd like to at least get several of them written. Having first drafts of these stories is better than just having a line item on my TODO list and lots of random plot points and characters sloshing around inside my head. Plus, I read a nice little piece of advice late last year that said that every first draft is perfect... because all it has to do is exist. (quote by Jane Smiley)

So how did I do with this goal?
So far... quite well, actually.

Fewest words written:  2,035 (January 24th)
Most words written: 12,662 (January 3rd)
Average words per day: 3,387
Total words written in January: 104,991

Almost 105,000 words written in a single month... like I hinted at above, they aren't perfect words and none of this is ready to publish, but it does feel very nice to have that much first-draft quality material written. Once I get a few more things out of my head, I'll start the editing process and should be able to start sharing and publishing these stories later this year.

What did I write?

Fireteam Zulu -- I wrote first drafts of two sequels to my 2012 novel, Fireteam Zulu. I also wrote the first draft of a prequel short story called Alpha Mission about how Sarge and Tank first got involved in their new life.

Pariah -- I started to write a sequel to my first novel, Pariah. So far I'm about 5,000 words into it, so I'm really just getting started.