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Lost Civilizations Harder To Find Than First Imagined

Despite their valiant efforts, the Greater Portland Scribists will not deliver their Scribings on Lost Civilizations by their self-imposed May 31st deadline.

"You can't really blame them," comments Professer Stephanie Targuson of the Ancient History department at New Liverpool University. "It was an ambitious deadline from the start. Investigating an Egyptian pyramid in the Gobi Desert could take months on its own. But to throw in the Vikings, a labyrinth, some fictional civilizations that had to be pulled from the minds of madmen, and Atlantis? It was pure madness."

Some experts disagree with Professor Targuson. "We could have conquered all of these civilizations in half the time it's taken these people," Belsur Di Rex reported in an interview earlier today. "The AvanCadre would have completed this task early. We are extremely efficient."

Dappil, thankfully, could not be reached in time for comment.

The Greater Portland Scribists assure us that their collection will be released by the end of June.

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