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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale - Last Call

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale - Last Call

Smashwords' 14th annual Summer/Winter Sale concludes this Sunday July 31st. If you haven't dived into this sale yet, this weekend is your last chance to grab some freebies and get some great discounts on ebooks.

The original post at the start of this month is here:


Fireteam Zulu, The Sol-Bect War Part 1, and Scribings Vol 4: Miscreations are all free with coupon code SW100
The rest of our books can be purchased for 50% off with code SSW50

You can find all of our ebooks in the Smashwords store here:

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Lost Luggage Studios is an independent software and game developer based in Maine. We believe in only releasing software that is done - software that meets our high standards of quality. Games that are fun, utilities that are rock solid and useful. The founders of Lost Luggage Studios, brothers Jam…