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The Mac Platform

Up to this point, Mac OSX support for our games has been theoretical at best.

We've had a couple people try to get them to run, and in theory our technology choices should allow it. Mono and SDL both work cross-platform and we've already been somewhat successful with running our games on Linux (although I'm still trying to figure out that 64-bit thorn in my backside). But so far there have been no successes with getting the games to run on Macs that I know of.

That is, until now.

It took quite a bit of effort (including a couple programs I had to recompile from source code) on my part, but they work. Well, sort of, I have a few performance related issues to solve. But the fact that they function at all is a huge step forward. So in the coming weeks, I'll solve the performance problems and then I'll put together some installers for Catalyst and Anirah.

I did some more testing and found that Catalyst and Anirah are 100% functional in full screen mode. The performance issues I ran into earlier are due to how the Mac redraws the screen in windowed mode. I'm going to work on fixing that as best I can over the next couple of days.