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Update for August 2022

picture of my back yard
Self-employment means this is sometimes my office.

I've been busy behind the scenes again. So busy that the server I use for internal documentation and development nearly ground to a halt.

Upon deeper inspection, I found a few of the internal tools I was using were consuming a ridiculous amount of resources. I had to take a break from my typical work for a few weeks to iron things out, mostly by replacing two really resource-heavy programs (Confluence and Gitlab) with far more resource-friendly alternatives (Bookstack and Gitea). The migration of knowledge from Confluence to Bookstack took the better part of two weeks. That's what happens when you have nearly 2,000 pages of documentation and plans and no automated way to move it. 🤔

One fun thing Bookstack does that Confluence didn't is allow you to set cover images for the "books" and "shelves" that contain your knowledge articles. So as much as I liked being able to separate things into "spaces" in Confluence, this interface:

Doesn't look nearly as pretty as this one from Bookstack:

Sadly that only slowed me down. Much like with setting featured images in blog posts, I spend almost as much time trying to find or make an appropriate image as I do writing the article. Well, that and figuring out how to use emoji in Linux. 🐧😋

Unfortunately, I was so focused on all that work that my writing has fallen to the wayside. But now that the migration to these newer, faster tools is nearly done (aside from some backups and testing), I should be able to return to Fireteam Zulu 2 this week.