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World, Paused

World, Paused
Photo by Jonathan Cooper (https://unsplash.com/photos/_HGI5wq4Zok)

Seems like the whole world has been put on pause. Most of my neighbors' cars sit in the parking lot beside mine. Roads, when I venture out, host only a fraction of the traffic that I'm used to seeing. When I visit a store, entire sections have bare shelves. Shoppers shamble through the aisles, even avoiding eye contact, as if the infection could spread that way. I'm not typically an outgoing person, but I can fake it on occasion, and lately I've been channeling my inner Dappil on my fellow residents. I make a point to be over-the-top friendly, because dammit the world needs that now. Say something that's funny and a little crazy, lighten the mood, and remind others that we're all still alive.

Yes, I would like a cheeseburger... and four hundred napkins, please.
— My drive-thru plan for dealing with the toilet paper shortage

I'm back to working from home, full-time, during all this craziness. You'd think that would give me more time to work on my books and Lost Luggage Studios, but the opposite is true. I lose track of days and hours very easily. My day job keeps me busy for 10-12+ hours a day, five to seven days a week. A lot of the things I had planned to do in March... well, yeah, those never happened. Kind of hard to work on my own projects when I lose 80+ hours a week to my job. I feel like my whole life is in a holding pattern. I'm sure most of you feel the same.

Stay well. Stay safe.