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New Photos on Flickr

New Photos on Flickr

It's been a while since I've posted new photos, and actually been a while since I've taken new photos. Some of these have been sitting on my computer for a long time. I've been meaning to share them, I've just been busy with writing and publishing.

First are some pictures from December 2012, from a trip I made to the Ringling Museum in Sarasota FL with my mother. These are some of the last pictures I took with my old camera, which had a light sensor failure that would cost more to fix than the camera is worth.

View the album here (21 pics):

2012-12-19 Ringling Museum
Some of the last pictures I took with my old camera... these were taken at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL

The second set I uploaded were some test photos I took with my new camera, a Canon Rebel T3i. These have been shrunk a lot. Wasn't sure I wanted to upload a bunch of 7MB images, or what Flickr would do with images that size since I only have a free account. I was mostly experimenting with the two lenses and depth-of-field.

View the album here (6 pics):

2013-06-09 Memorial Park OOB
Some test photos I took in Memorial Park in Old Orchard Beach. I was mostly playing with the two lenses on my new camera and experimenting with colors and depth-of-view

Plus I uploaded two other bonus pics I had in my folders. A pic I took through the sunroof in my car:

And a new panorama:

I still have a few more pics to process, mostly from a trip to Prince Edward Island last July and August. I'll try to get those up later today or at some point tomorrow.