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A Brand New Year

Well here we are in 2010, and the year is already starting off interestingly.

I started working on some updates to Catalyst Deluxe and just released the 1.2 version to our beta testers. These updates include completely revamped card graphics (I now draw the numbers on them manually after resizing them to your screen, so they are more readable in all resolutions) and a limited undo feature (for those times you deal a card and then notice a match in the previous column you missed). We should have this tested and ready for release early next month.

Also, while tweaking some graphics I think I stumbled upon something in the Tao Framework we interface with that was actually preventing our programs from running on 64-bit Linux and Mac computers. Internal testing has shown that we can now play Catalyst and Anirah under 64-bit Linux! So I upgraded our Mac with Snow Leopard last week and will begin trying to package Catalyst Deluxe for Mac. If all goes well, we should have official native Mac and Linux versions of both Catalyst Deluxe and Anirah by March.