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Update for September 2022

A hole in my living room ceiling.
A minor roof leak kept me distracted for a week or so.

Yes this is quite a bit later than usual. It's almost October already! What happened to the month? As seems to be par for my life, September has been full of some strange happenings and distractions. I can't remember a single September in my life that was not at least a little bit weird.

This time around, I had a minor roof leak after some extended New England style rain. The next morning, while it was still raining, I walked into my living room and saw this oddity:

Water-filled bubble behind the wall paint.

So, yeah. That's literally a water-filled bubble between the drywall and paint. I guess that's a good thing about using latex paint – it stretches, at least until gravity wins, and was a beacon to alert me that something was wrong. Rather than having water all over the floor and furniture, I was able to move things away and carefully drain it. Some painter's tape and paper towels kept the area mostly dry until it stopped raining.

Dealing with this and the repairs distracted me for a little more than a week. Thankfully I live in a condo; and this is a building problem, so getting help was easy. Now it's all fixed. It rained like crazy earlier this week and everything looks normal. I'll probably remain paranoid about checking for leaks for the next few months.

Despite all that hoopla, I was able to tinker a little more with the cover for Fireteam Zulu: Alpha Mission. It's still missing something, but I'll get to that later this week. Fireteam Zulu 2 is still sitting... I'm not quite sure what it's missing. I think I have added a great new plotline, but I hit a point with a new character with which I'm not sure how to progress, so I'm letting it sit until I can solve that issue.

I've also been finishing up some more behind the scenes programming work to prepare a path for several web app ideas, including some tooling I need to finish revamping all of our existing websites. Hopefully I'll have more to share on that next month.