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An Update For 2012

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2012!

Obviously, we've fallen a bit behind. We were supposed to post this a while ago (we really wanted to post it on Friday the 13th), but Jamie got distracted with some server problems, Paul got sent on a long charter trip, and then Jamie managed to get busy working on, well, what we're posting about below.

We've planned a lot of projects for this year. While we always hope we can get every idea of ours completed, we're especially hopeful for this coming year. Here's a brief taste of what is to come. We'll have more teasers later, as projects get closer to completion.


We've been neglecting this front even more than usual. We want to create more games, and are planning to work on at least two this year. The first, which has already been started, is a trivia game. Jamie's always wanted to make one of these, and then fill it with all sorts of useless bits of trivia. The second game is based on the idea of taking our puzzle game Anirah and making it playable in 3D. There's more of a twist to it than that, but we'll tease more later.


We have a couple of utilities that we are playing around with in-house, but in their current states we aren't quite certain if they will be ready for release this year. We also continue to toy with the idea of making updates to our more popular programs (like Batch Image Converter). If you have a wishlist item for one of our current tools, send it to us.


Next month, we will release Paul's The Sol-Bect War, Part 2. Jamie's next novel, Fireteam Zulu, should not be far behind.

We are also working with authors right now on compiling stories for both Scribings, Vol 2 and for an anthology set entirely in the Terran Shift universe.

All in all, it should be an exciting year!

- Jamie and Paul