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Anirah v1.1 Preview

We've put a lot of work into this update and have just now submitted the upgrade package to our beta testing group. Here's a preview of what's coming.


  • Numbers are now drawn on the tiles at runtime... this means three things:
  • Numbers are now bigger and easier to read at all resolutions
  • Numbers are now localizeable
  • You can now choose to not have numbers drawn at all on some tile sets (Plain, Glass, Hieroglyphs, and Egypt). This is dubbed "Ridiculous Mode". The checkbox to enable it is under the tile selector on the options screen.
  • Added 3 new tile sets! Hieroglyphs, Stone, and the new default Glass tiles
  • Added 6 new backgrounds
  • Increased the round completion bonus for medium and hard difficulty settings
  • Mass Un-select: right-click on the background to un-select any currently selected tiles
  • Story tab added to the Instructions screen for those curious folk wondering where this game idea came from

Bug fixes:

  • Resizing the screen would prevent the player from being able to clear the board
  • Playing all music randomly would occasionally play nothing
  • Clicking "Start New Game" will now ask if you are sure if there is a game in progress
  • Random tile generation has been tweaked to make the game (slightly) more winnable
  • Fixed the missing window icon
  • Clicking the window close button will now properly save games in progress