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World of Palamar Website Revamp

World of Palamar Website Revamp

The last time I worked on any of our websites was probably around 2015. Even before that, I put together a web page for my fantasy world, Palamar. Immediately after I published that page I... wandered off. The original page was basically just a wall of text, plus a few images of book covers on the bottom–an abbreviated list that I apparently never kept updated. The logo up top didn't even work. It's never worked. I never did figure out why, and honestly the original Palamar logo was awful enough that I didn't feel compelled to fix the site.

Over the past few weeks, I've been quite busy, but mostly with things behind the scenes. I've been rebuilding my server, enhancing the way it serves web pages, and moving everything into a modern cloud-like architecture. My intention with the migration has been to revamp all of our websites before I start building new web apps. Considering how small (and bad) the original Palamar site was, I figured it was the best place to start.

So over the past few weeks, while trying to juggle several other projects, I have pieced together a full revamp of that site. Today I consider it to be officially released. I updated all the text about the world, created brand-new graphics, and totally revamped the way we show off books related to the world.

You can check out the updated website here: