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February 2009 Update

Well here we are in February. There's been a lot of excitement and activity here at Lost Luggage Studios. We're hard at work on our next game, and we're also spending some time working on a couple of new utility applications.

Catalyst Deluxe has been out for one month. Our goal (or hope?) was to have 100 downloads by the end of January, and we're happy to report that we passed that goal almost two weeks early. We are currently at 165 downloads. We hope that everyone who downloaded it is having lots of fun playing. We are also excited to report that downloads of two of our utilities, Batch Image Converter and TIE Cleaner, have also far surpassed our expectations - both programs passed the 100 downloads mark before the end of January.

So, what's coming up? Well the very next thing we will be releasing is a little pet project of mine, a small utility I am calling SQL Runner. It's a program designed for running sets of SQL statements against a MySQL server. It makes handling multiple updates to your database much easier, and allows you to run a test to see if your fixes are missing or not. It's something I wanted to make the job of administering our own databases easier, and since it didn't seem to exist, I figured I'd just write it.

Paul is hard at work on a program he's calling PICK - Personal Inventory Control Kit, a program for keeping track of everything you own for insurance purposes. I am also working on some updates to our game engine and am starting to piece together our next game, which I'm hoping will be ready for release some time in March or April. Stay tuned for more info on that one.