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How Mal 780 Trivia

When I was writing short stories in the Air Force, I originally dreamed up this title. Later I wrote a few more short stories and had planned on a second collection titled, "Shock Treatment." The stories I had for that collection were; Snap!, Flightmare, and Moroned. When I finally decided on finishing/publishing these works I combined them, which made more sense.

I used Moroned in our Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 1. It was the only short story, other than the one below, that would fit nicely in our open universe concept, Terran Shift.

"20/20," which is also missing from How Mal 780, will be released much later. I wrote that story as part of a series, but it ends up being the third story. The first story with these characters has also sat for decades and should be released later this year. More news on that coming soon. "20/20" will be released eventually but I need to complete the second story first. I did start it, a long time ago, but only got about 5 pages in. It needs a lot of work!