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Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 1 now at Smashwords

Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 1 now at Smashwords

Last year we put together an anthology ebook of stories set exclusively in our Terran Shift universe. The result is a collection of seven stories from five authors, spanning from the high-tech cyberpunk dystopia of the Bio-Tech Era to the Sol-Bect War Era.

When we originally released this ebook, we decided to make it an Amazon Kindle exclusive, because we wanted to see firsthand what that would do for (or against) the book. Now that that period of exclusivity has expired, we decided to make the ebook available to other stores. I have uploaded the ebook to Smashwords, and it will be sent to all the other stores that Smashwords syndicates to in the next few weeks.

The Berkutchi Trial by Alan Belanger
An American spy in Kazahkstan accidentally breaks local law and must win a berkutchi trial to get out alive.

Things Taken by Cynthia Ravinski
Only when you've put everything you have into obtaining your hopes and dreams do you find what you've really been after.

Handbook For A Better Society by Jamie Alan Belanger
A misguided man bases his utopia on a satirical novel.

The Unders by Timothy Lynch
The Landers and Unders are at war. The Landers just don't know it yet.

Moroned by Paul J Belanger
Fortune favors the prepared. As for the unprepared, well...

Moon Sweepers by Alan Belanger
Youth on a moon base learn the dangers of regolith mining.

The Sol-Bect Setup by Paul J Belanger
In a missing chapter from The Sol-Bect War, Part 2, Peter McCabe visits the past to lay the groundwork for his future.

This ebook is currently available at Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords

Update May 27th:  This ebook is now also available at Kobo and Diesel

I put together a comprehensive sample on our site that includes a short excerpt from each story. Read the sample.