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Coming Thursday: How Mal 780

Coming Thursday: How Mal 780

Many years ago, Paul wrote a lot of stories for a collection he called How Mal 780. This Thursday, July 25th, we are releasing that collection as an ebook through Kindle and Smashwords!

From the author of the Sol-Bect War saga comes How Mal 780, a collection of stories in a variety of genres, from horror to science fiction to farce. In fact, the only thing these stories have in common is their How Mal code.The United States Air Force uses number codes to describe the condition of parts in or from an aircraft.

This is called a "How Malfunction" code, or "How Mal" for short.

The How Mal code 780 indicates the part is bent, buckled, collapsed, dented, distorted, or twisted.

The twelve stories in How Mal 780 carefully fall into any, or all, of the above designations. Some stories push the boundaries of good taste, and some clearly step over that line, shotgun in hand. From a garage band pursued by Killer Dogs to a pair of Geeks on a zany road trip to Miami, these stories will entertain and/or confuse you. So grab a beer and a bucket and start reading today!