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March 2009 Update

We've been plugging away on several projects lately and have been making some good progress.

Paul is getting close to being done with his PICK inventory tracking program. I am somewhere around 40% complete with our next original game. We have also been very happily monitoring downloads. Two of our products, Catalyst Deluxe and TIE Cleaner, are now listed on Download.com! We have three products that have been downloaded more than 200 times each, and Batch Image Converter is plugging along at well over 300 downloads. We're sure to have a celebration of some sort when our total download count clears a thousand.

As for this month, we have a very cool update to TIE Cleaner for everyone who has been using that program. TIE Cleaner version 1.3 includes two helpful updates. The first is a log file to help you keep track of just how much junk you are cleaning up with our program. The second update is command line parameter support! So now you can add "TIECleaner /clean" as a scheduled task and have all that temporary Internet garbage cleaned up automatically!