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September 2009

We had a very busy August and have a few things to show for all that effort.

Without further ado, here's some new stuff to check out:


Here it is, the tool you need to keep track of all the stuff in your house. We're all supposed to keep track of our stuff for insurance purposes, but who actually does? Download PICK and start keeping track of your stuff today!

Misfortune Cookies

We had a silly idea a couple weeks ago regarding the concept of Misfortune Cookies that we've been joking about for years. Well now here it is. Often (unintentionally) crude, usually funny, and most definitely crazy...

More News

And that brings us to our future... I'm going to package WebLinks today or tomorrow and start the process of submitting it to Mozilla for inclusion in the Firefox add-on library. I've also started design work on our next few games, so development on those will begin very soon.

In other news, Batch Image Converter remains our single most popular product. We released it a year ago and it still gets at least 20-30 hits a day. So we are considering making some updates, improvements, maybe adding some new features. If you have some ideas, register in our forums and post them, or send us an email.