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Site Launch Incoming

So far it seems like things are on track for our official launch in early September. We had a few slow patches but work does indeed progress both on this site and on our other various projects.

We have a few interesting products that we will be posting to coincide with our launch. We have a release schedule for other projects planned for the next few months, and we intend to post a few teasers here and there as our many projects get closer to completion.

So, who exactly are we? We are a small group currently stationed in the great state of Maine. We are professionals with a mountain of experience who are actively pursuing a career in video game design and creation. In addition to that, we also leverage our extensive business application experience to create the occasional small, useful software application (many of which you will see in the coming months).

So what exactly is planned for September?

  • Website launch
  • Batch Image Converter 1.2 -- an application for converting a large number of images from one format to another
  • Luggage DOOM -- an official re-release of our modified version of Legacy DOOM, now complete with Linux support
  • TIE Cleaner -- a tool for cleaning out the temporary Internet garbage that Windows collects... designed with Citrix and Windows Server environments in mind

Welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy the tools and games we work on. And now I'm back to finishing work on this site...