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The Sol-Bect War, Part 3 now available at Smashwords

The Sol-Bect War, Part 3 now available at Smashwords

Part 3 of Paul's ever-growing Sol-Bect War science fiction war saga is now available at Smashwords!

Almost six years after the end of the Sol-Bect War, peace is still elusive.

While the Bectolothian home world is being torn apart by civil war, their military ignites another conflict with the Terrans. As the Terran war machine builds momentum, a Bect spy betrays Peter McCabe. Terran and Bect forces converge on Vale-4, where Peter is busy building a family with Gaelei. The Terrans want Peter to help them fight the Bect. The Bect want Peter dead. Amidst the turmoil, a surprising third choice appears.

With war on every front, spies on every side, and the lines of friendship so blurry, how can Peter know who to trust?

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If you haven't started reading this epic series yet, you probably want to start with Part 1

The ebook version was previously available as an Amazon Kindle exclusive, but I just uploaded it to Smashwords today. It should start syndicating to other stores over the next few weeks. Click here to see it at Smashwords