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Well, We Used To Have Some Surveys...

We used to have a couple of surveys running at an external site. I had created a survey for our Thanks page, to ask people who had just made a purchase or a donation how they found us. I also had a survey for the official Batch Image Converter Wish List. I'm currently planning on updating that program and was hoping to get people to tell me what they would really love to see in the next version.

And then, today, I found out why I hadn't gotten a survey result emailed to me in quite a while. Turns out that external site got hacked a while back and all the surveys are gone. And they neglected to actually, you know, tell anyone. I had forgotten to check for survey responses in months. I've been busy with other projects.

So now I'm on a quest for either a Wordpress plugin or a custom PHP-based survey system that I can host myself, so our surveys won't be interrupted like this again. In the meantime, if you know a great survey system I should check out, or have a Wish List item for the next version of Batch Image Converter, or want to share how you found us, or have a great recipe involving beer and bacon, please post a response below. Or send a message on Facebook,  Twitter, or  Google+. Or just send us an email.