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Moved to a New Server

We've been having some issues with our web service host and I finally decided to go ahead and address them. I suppose it was a matter of time... we've been on the same virtual computer for like seven years. It was starting to get slow, and was annoying me.

So I spent the past few days transitioning our site to a new server. Then I had to rewrite a lot of the back end code to fix issues with the new server (upgraded Apache, PHP, MySQL, and more). The new site is noticeably faster, and the code behind it is more efficient. I also uploaded newer versions of several scripts. The menu has a nice fade effect and works a little better, as well as being more efficient on the back end too.

There's still some things broken that I'm working on. So if things break or if pages don't load over the next few days, that's why. Right now most of what I know is broken is in Wordpress. The theme we were using is apparently not compatible (or even available) anymore. So I have to choose, install, and customize a new theme. UPDATE: I managed to fix the theme, so this is back to normal now.

I'm hoping to have everything fixed sometime soon.