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Catalyst Deluxe Preview

Lost Luggage Studios presents...

Catalyst Deluxe

Alpha Test Preview -- November 14, 2008

A few years ago, Paul and I were working with our friends Rob and Jack to build a company called New Lineage Games. We designed and programmed a highly engaging solitaire card game we called Catalyst. It's a simple game that we had learned as children and still play with well-worn decks of cards to this day. The game itself consists of dealing cards into several columns, and removing cards from the columns in sets of three whose face values total 10, 20, or 30. For instance, a 4, a 6, and a 10 would total 20 points and could be removed. It's one of those games that is easy to learn and will keep you playing for hours.

The game Catalyst was a lot of fun to write and to play, but it had some fundamental problems due to the game engine we were programming it with. The game itself didn't run as fast as we wanted it to, it consumed way too many system resources, and it only ran on computers with Microsoft's Windows operating system. After our partners decided to go another route, Paul and I formed our own company and decided to revive the project as Catalyst Deluxe, with a few more features and a total rewrite using our own in-house game engine.


  • Faster, more responsive interface
  • Works on Windows and Linux machines... actually, Catalyst Deluxe should be able to run on many platforms, including Linux, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris, BSD, and Windows (but none of those others have been tested yet)
  • Includes built-in support for multiple languages
  • New background graphics
  • Brand new original card graphics - choose from Classic, Oriental, and Renaissance designs
  • Game Statistics have been added to the High Scores list
  • Features original music from Bill Bois

Targeted Release Date: December 2008