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December 2008 Update

It's been another busy month here at Lost Luggage Studios. Catalyst Deluxe will be entering its first Beta Testing stage tomorrow, which means it's getting awfully close to being done and ready for release.

I'll be sending out an email tomorrow to a few people we selected for the beta test. If you think you should be one of them (or if you are just interested in helping out) then register in our forums and let us know.

In the meantime, we have a few more treats for those of you like us who still play some older games:

  • Jane's Fighter's Anthology missions - 8 mission packs designed by Paul and an updated F-15E
  • Starcraft Maps - Two sets of multiplayer maps made by Jamie over the years
  • Warcraft 2 Maps - Three multiplayer maps we've worked on

Just head on over to our Game Mods Downloads section and check these out.