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Essential GPS Climbing The Amazon Free Ebook Charts

Now that our Essential GPS ebook is free on Amazon, it's been climbing the charts. We've been pretty excited to watch it go go go! Last night, just before a GPS group meeting, Essential GPS was sitting at just over #100 on the Genre Fiction Anthology chart. Right now it's shot up to #47.

Go! Go! Go!

And, in addition to that, we also broke onto the Top 100 Free Anthology charts, and I think this just might be the first time I've seen one of our ebooks break the Top 10,000 on Amazon overall. Considering how many books get published there every day, this is pretty exciting.

Essential GPS is a FREE ebook, and a great sampler of stories from the Greater Portland Scribists. So grab a copy at Amazon and help push us it up the charts!

If you prefer another ebook store, Essential GPS is available almost everywhere. You can find a full list of store links at http://www.LostLuggageStudios.com/books/EssentialGPS.php

Note: Amazon really hates having things listed permanently for free and has forced us to list the book at 99 cents. While we'd love to see income, our intention was always for this book to be free. You should be able to use one of the other links to force Amazon to price-match, or download the Kindle version directly from Smashwords.