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Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings

Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings

Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings is now available!

For the past two years or so, the Greater Portland Scribists have been working hard on getting our latest volume of original short fiction ready for release. The day has finally come. As of this weekend, Volume 6 of our Scribings series is now available in ebook and paperback.

For as long as our species has existed, humans have always been social creatures. We gather around campfires and tables, sharing meals and stories. Somewhere inside this greater narrative lies a long string of tales that come full circle. People meet, and part, and then at some point they meet again. It seems inevitable, as if this conjunction of lives was always meant to be.

In this volume, the Greater Portland Scribists explore these bonds. Whether trying to save a childhood retreat from corporate interests, reuniting with old friends, returning home for a final goodbye, or trying to cope with a dear one who won't depart, these tales are about the twisting journeys of our relationships. Location, context, and pasts are irrelevant—it's the people with whom we connect who help shape our experience on this world.

Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings features seven stories from a mixture of veteran and new GPS members:

  • Topia by Timothy Lynch
  • Birthright by Jamie Alan Belanger
  • Tree Song by Robin Orm Hansen
  • Hearth to Hearth by D.L. Harvey
  • Familiar Haunts by Noah Burch
  • Adrift by Richard Veysey
  • Deadly Tangents by Julia Labanowski

Visit your favorite bookstore, or check Scribings, Vol 6: Regatherings for links.