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New Official Lost Luggage Studios Blog

You may have noticed some links to our new official WordPress blog, hosted right here on our site. This is a project a long time in the making. We first planned on doing this a few months ago, and over time we've evolved the plan further. In the next few days (weeks?), we will transition all of the news and press releases into the history of the new blog and replace this custom news system with a widget that shows our latest blog posts.

Why are we doing this? Quite simply, Paul and I had personal blogs on Live Journal and Tumblr (actually, mine is still there, for the time being). But we wanted to have a blog on our site that would allow us to control the formatting and content more closely. And rather than having one blog, on one topic, we wanted to have a more free-form blog that would allow us to maintain blog posts on several topics. We want to explore our many interests without having to maintain separate blogs -- Paul, for instance, used to have a writing blog on Good Reads, but now his Good Reads author page just pulls posts from his writing category here.

So welcome to our new blog! The comments system is powered by OneAll which allows you to log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID, and WordPress.