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Photos That Weren't Viewed Often, But That I Love

Here are a few photos from my Flickr page that I love, but that weren't viewed very often. I don't know whether people didn't like them as much as I do, or just missed them.

Lake Auburn

What I love about this is the color and the out-of-focus background effect I got while playing with the macro lens in my camera.

Hot Chicks

Definitely one of my favorite wildlife photos, and with an obvious and mildly provocative title.

What are you looking at, camera-boy?

A squirrel picture, with a look so perfect it was like he posed for me. Or she. Honestly I didn't get that close.

I love sunrise pictures. They are so colorful.

Taken in Sebago Lake State Park, this photo was an experiment in capturing reflections in water. I am quite happy with the result.

Taken in a forest behind Fort Williams, I always felt this picture had the most perfect lighting I have ever had in a picture.