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Website And Other Updates

You've probably already noticed the revamped main page. I also overhauled the entire news and press release system, which used to pull data from posts in our forums but now is using a custom database back end. The significance of this is that we are no longer tied to using the phpBB forum software. Maintenance on that has been rather cumbersome, thanks to all the spammers out there on the ol' Internet. So rather than deal with all that on a near-daily basis, I'm throwing in the towel and will be closing our forums shortly. To be perfectly honest, the most active portion of our forums have been the news and the beta testing forums. So there won't be much difference. We plan to redirect forum type topics to the Discussions tab on our Facebook profile. Stop by and say hi :)

Next to come will be revamped project pages. I had an idea a while ago for a much nicer layout but just haven't had the will to do it until now (mostly because I really do hate web programming so very, very much). The good news is that part of this revamp will be a much easier to navigate site, and will allow me to remove another application on this website (the download manager). I'm going to have other changes to do and roll out as the next few months come, but these are the most important two.

After the project page updates, we'll be releasing Anirah: Riddle of the Pharaohs version 1.2. This update includes some minor changes as well as official Windows 7 and Mac OSX support. If you can't wait until I finish the project pages, post in our Facebook discussion forum or send us an email and we'll send you a link to the appropriate installation program for the new version.

Once all these web updates are done we should have more time to work on all the fun stuff we're supposed to be doing, like:

  • A new game which is very long overdue
  • PICK 2.0- we have some very cool ideas for the next version of PICK
  • Oh and our first novels will be self-published in the very near future